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Wonderful Moment of Lake Baikal

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

There are five major amazing about Lake Baikal in wintertime. They are arrow pillar ice cave, blue ice, bubble ice, ice crack and hovercraft. Of course, there still have many beautiful and incredible scenery. Take a hovercraft on the frozen lake and explore various amazing and unforgettable natural beauty.

Under the severe cold of minus 40 degrees or even minus 50 degrees Celsius, I worked hard to photograph the beautiful scenery of sunrise, sunset and any beautiful scenery. Although it was very hard work, but it was extremely satisfying to be able to shoot beautiful images. Can not but admire the incredible and magic of nature. I am also grateful and fortunate to be able to photograph the natural beauty of the earth.

2022 Neutral Density Photography Awards (ND)

Professional Category: Honorable Mention | Nature, Landscape

2022 International Photography Awards (IPA)

Professional Category: Honorable Mention & Official Selection | Nature, Sunrise/Sunset

2022 Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA)

Professional Category: Silver | Nature, Sunset

2022 London Photography Awards (LPA)

Professional Category: Platinum | Nature Photography, Landscapes

2022 MUSE Photography Awards

Professional Category: Gold | Nature Photography, Landscapes

2021 New York Photography Awards (NYPA)

Professional Category: Gold | Nature, Landscapes

2021 Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3)

Professional Category: Bronze | Nature, Seasons

2020 Tokyo Foto Awards (TIFA)

Professional Category: Sliver | Nature, Sunset

2020 Budapest Foto Awards (BIFA)

Professional Category: Bronze | Nature, Sunset

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