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International awarded photographer

Artist | Traveler | Writer | Lecturer

Professional business consultant 

Hi, there.

I’m Chen Hsiaohsin (陳曉信)

in Taiwan. 


In here, I share my series and single photography works. Hoping you’ll like it and enjoy it.


So, let’s go!

" I am a photographer, but also a creator of

art images. "

I am good at using digital cameras to obtain image materials. In addition to taking current photos, I will also go further to create, deconstruct, and reassemble new image vocabulary.


Welcome to have a deeper perception of my exposition and connotation through my diverse works.

Hsiaohsin Chen (陳曉信), an artist/photographer who was born in New Taipei city, Taiwan on August 27, 1965. Currently living in Taoyuan, Taiwan.


I had been over 15 years’ experience at information industry as CEO, GM, VP level. He founded CEO Photography Academy in August 2013 for image creation. Currently is an international awarded photographer in professional category, artist, traveler, writer, lecturer, and business consultant.


I good at landscape, nature, architectural, fine art categories and very focus on abstract creations which performed the texture and cogitation from things and scenery.


I’m so deeply believed that " thought is the soul of images". There for, I long-term strongly advocate the "thought must lead the technique", and “learn photography by sense but telling the story by sensibility” important cogitation. All the touching and great photos must be the result of a combination of sense and sensibility.


The "become the CEO of your own photography" is the most important purpose and goal of founding CEO Photography Academy. Hoping via my eyes and mind as the photographer, will bring people different field of vision and touching.

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