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Lofoten Rorbuer #1

Updated: May 14, 2023

In Lofoten, in addition to having the reputation of the most beautiful fjord in the world, the Rorbuer is also one of the local famous characteristics. In addition to self-driving to exploring and shooting beautiful scenery, I use Rorbuer as the theme very often. Whether it is with snow scene, night scene, or close-up, whether in autumn or snowy winter. The subject of Rorbuers could take satisfactory photography work in each photo trip always.

2023 London Photography Awards

Professional Category: Gold | Nature Photography, Others

2023 MUSE Photography Awards

Professional Category: Platinum | Nature Photography, Other

2022 London International Creative Competition (LICC)

Professional Category: Official Selection in Shoot (photo/video)

Professional Category: Honorable Mention in Shoot (photo/video)

2022 Tokyo Foto Awards (TIFA)

Professional Category: Official Selection | Nature, Landscapes

2022 New York Photography Awards (NYPA)

Professional Category: Silver | Nature Photography, Others

2022 Budapest Foto Awards (BIFA)

Professional Category: Bronze | Advertising, Travel/Tourism

2022 International Photography Awards (IPA)

Professional Category: Official Selection | Nature, Other

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