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HORAGE, Lensman 2 Exposure - Man

Updated: Apr 14

Born for the light of photography - HORAGE Lensman 2 Exposure.

As a photographer, understanding how to properly expose is crucial. Today, HORAGE launches the newest watch - Lensman 2 Exposure, which simplifies the process of calculating scene exposure through exposure calculators on the bezel and dial. This innovation in the watch industry creates a new connection between photography and watches.

Its bi-directional rotating bezel allows for an ISO (film speed) range of 25 to 12,800 and an aperture (aperture number) of f/1.4 to F/22, and when paired - including lighting conditions (indicated by icons) and shutter speed are engraved on the inner dial ring. Can be used as an exposure calculator.

Imagine that when you are taking pictures, you rotate the ISO on bezel and the current lighting conditions of Lensman 2, it will display the optimal shutter speed and aperture value, which will help you calculate the optimal shutter speed and aperture for camera exposure. What genius!

The watch is both form and function and provides an old-school, tried and true way to ensure proper exposure for film and manual digital cameras.

A timepiece that visually and functionally reinvents the definition of what a true modern-day tool watch can be.

2024 MUSE Photography Awards (MUSE)

Professional Category: Silver | Commercial Photography, Other

2023 New York Photography Awards (NYPA)

Professional Category: Honorable Mention | Commercial Photography, Others

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