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Discover the wonders of Lake Baikal

Updated: May 14, 2023

During the winter time, take a hovercraft on the frozen Lake Baikal and discover each variety of breathtaking and unforgettable natural beauties. You can‘t predict what you will see and what you could photograph. Everything can only be as it happens. Nonetheless, winter Baikal is extremely wonderful. There are all the wonders waiting to be discovered. I am also grateful and lucky to be able to capture the natural beauty of the earth.

2023 London Photography Awards

Professional Category: Gold | Nature Photography, Landscapes

2023 MUSE Photography Awards

Professional Category: Platinum | Nature Photography, Landscapes

2022 New York Photography Awards (NYPA)

Professional Category: Silver | Nature Photography, Landscapes

2022 Budapest Foto Awards (BIFA)

Professional Category: Honorable Mention | Nature, Landscapes

2022 Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3)

Professional Category: Honorable Mention | Nature, Landscape

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